Whole30: Day 2

Today was surprisingly easy in terms of food choices. Everything I ate was delicious and only once (okay, 4,952 times) was I tempted to eat something completely off limits. It’s funny how the mind works. Normally, I wouldn’t even eat potato chips, Skittles, store bought sugar cookies - all the things that were passed in front of my carb-starved peepers - but today I found myself desperately needing them.

I thought these cravings weren’t supposed to kick in for a few more days?? Either I’m in for a rude awakening or I’m just an overachiever when it comes to forbidden fruit. (Except that term literally doesn’t make sense here since fruit is okay to eat. Wow, being carb starved makes me rambly. And rambly isn’t even a word.)

On the menu:

Guys, this butternut squash. I’m in love. I’ve enjoyed it every other time I’ve made it, but tonight I felt like I could eat plates of this stuff and not be sick of it. It was that good. My only dilemma is whether or not to (snow)suit up and venture to the store for more squash as I bought only one… First world problems.

I think today was the first day I’ve managed to get 10k steps in while wearing the boot. It wasn’t exactly pleasant but I’m tired of seeing all you able bodied FitBits passing me in the stats. Hello, competitive side.

And finally fire because we’re all freezing to death. Stay warm!

Not pictured: kale chips. More like FAIL chips. I didn’t know it was even possible to make kale taste worse than it already does, but I succeeded. Kevin, show us your kale making ways!