High Heel Mileage

...if I could run in heels, I would.

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Sister sweating: cemetery edition. (Which is exactly where I fear running will land me one day.)

Ok, so that’s the only negative connotation I’ll give to this run. As much as I realllllly want to moan about all that ails me, Imma try something different.

What didn’t suck: The weather. The company. The fact that I’m running in the cemetery and not buried in it. My kidneys didn’t hurt. I finished 2 miles. The end. Happy Friday!

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  1. fittinginmylife said: I run in the cemetery by my house all the time. :)
  2. snapthistiger said: that is a little spooky..
  3. everlovin said: I might have just accepted it and decided to embrace the fact that running and I are not soul mates. We’re simply friends that see each other on occasion and get painfully through small talk.
  4. nicolenevermore said: Oooh, cemeteries get hilly. Good job!
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